We're a group of geeks and tabletop enthusiasts from the greater Houston, Texas area who got together in January 2014 and thought it would be a good idea to turn our weekly Dungeons & Dragons® game into a weekly podcast series.

We're still regretting the decision.


These are our podcasts. There are many like them, but these are ours. Our actual-play games are played and recorded live, around a table, with pencils and dice and sugar-ladened soft drinks and artery-clogging snacks. You know - just like your game at home. Then we take those recordings, add in some production and voiceover work to create an entire universe, put them on the internet, and pump them directly into your earholes once a week (give or take).

Troublesome Times in
Tumbleson County™

Monster of the Week - 2 Seasons

Welcome to Dooneyland™

Happiest Apocalypse on Earth - 1 Season


Savage Worlds - Limited Series

Freelance Heroism

5th Edition D&D - 1 Season

The Misdaventures of
Max's Minions

4th Edition D&D - 3 Seasons